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The Auster 2000 project

This project was undertaken by the Auster Heritage Group. This group was formed to record and safeguard the history of this famous light aircraft. The aim of the Auster 2000 project was to record memories of people associated with the Auster aircraft company and its products.

The company was based at Rearsby airfield in Leicestershire and drew most of its workforce from the immediate locality.

The recordings and transcripts will form a part of the East Midlands aural archive. This will be available through Leicestershire County Council heritage services. In addition to these recordings, a book based on the material obtained from the interviews and the memorabilia provided by the interviewees is available.

The Heritage group would like to thank the Lottery for its support through the awards for all scheme. The project could not have been completed without this funding. In addition we would like to thank all of the people involved in the project, the interviewers, the typists and the book editors for all their work.

Finally we would also like to express our thanks to folk who agreed to be interviewed.

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