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Club Background

The International Auster Club Heritage Group was formed in 2000. It was formed as the vehicle for an application to the lottery fund to allow the group to produce an oral history of the company by interviewing the people designed , made and flew Austers during the life of the Company.

The group has produced a number of outcomes these being:-

  1. Completion of the oral history project which was completed by the lodging of the material the recorded material with the Leicestershire Museums Record Office.
  2. Write publish and sell a book derived from the interviews in the above project. “Austers Nearly all you wanted to know”. This book has sold over 1000 copies.
  3. Organisation of a number of events which has brought together ex employees, flyers and enthusiast to impart the information gained from the research work.
  4. Compile print and publish a second book based around Ambrose Hitchmans book. The Story of Auster Aircraft.
  5. This text was supplemented by the addition of material from other sources which included a history of the time when Austers were subsumed into BEAGLE Aircraft. This book has been published with more than 600 copies sold.
  6. The group has arranged to have a set of 6 painting of Austers in various configurations produced as prints.
  7. The group organised an 100th birthday calibration of Ambrose Hitchman at Queniborough Village Hall.
  8. The group has collected, indexed and archived over 6500 photographs of Austers, there manufacture and service roles. These have been lodged with the records office.
  9. The group has been a major contributor to the material used on the web site.
  10. The group has produced a new ebook which we will be putting on the website.
  11. Produced material to be published in the Club magazine.
  12. Currently has a further book under investigation. This would include a reprint of Les Leathams book plus additional material from other sources.
  13. We have developed a lecture based around the company history and the Heritage Group. This lecture has been developed over the last 4 years and now includes video of group activities. This lecture has been given to a number of local history societies.
  14. We have developed a small video library.
Group objectives
The way forward

The future of the heritage group has been discussed locally and the outcome of this is summarised below:-

  1. The group has now completed most of its aims
  2. Produce a new website
  3. Celebrate 70th anniversary
  4. Ensure that the Club is remembered for the work we have done
  5. Finish the Recordings

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