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109Taylorcraft Plus CG-AFUDto HH986 8/41 rest as G-AHBO; Damaged Beyond Repair 24/5/52
110Taylorcraft Plus C2G-AHAFex T9120;dest in collision with G-AHUG 29/5/48
111Taylorcraft Plus CG-AFUXto HH988 8/41 Crashed at RAF Westley 7/10/42
112Taylorcraft Plus CG-AFUYto ES957 7/41;Crashed Tilshead 9/12/41
113Taylorcraft Plus CG-AFUZto ES960 7/41;Crashed Buntingford Herts 29/1/41
114Taylorcraft Plus CG-AFVAto HH982 8/41 rest as C2 G-AHAE 1/46 scrapped 1957
115Taylorcraft Plus CG-AFVBto HH985 8/41 Damaged Beyond Repair in flying accident 25/9/42
116Taylorcraft Plus CG-AFVUdestr in hangar fire at Maylands 6/2/40
117Taylorcraft Plus CG-AFVWto HL532 9/41 Damaged Beyond Repair 21/11/42 & Struck of Charge at Larkhill 28/1/43
118Taylorcraft Plus CG-AFVXto HM501 10/41;to 3775M 5/43
119Taylorcraft Plus CG-AFVYto HH984 8/41; damaged by Fire at Old Sarum 17/5/42
120Taylorcraft Plus CG-AFVZto HH983 8/41; Crashed Newport IoW 11/11/41
121Taylorcraft Plus CG-AFWKto ES958 7/41; Damaged Beyond Repair 13/2/43 & Struck of Charge at Larkhill 28/2/43
122Taylorcraft Plus CG-AFWLdismantled at Rearsby 5/40 & rebuilt as c/n 131 G-AGBF
123Taylorcraft Plus CG-AFWMto ES959 7/41;rest 5/46;scrapped at Portsmouth 1956
124Taylorcraft Plus DG-AFWNdamaged 1942;stored;rebuilt as J/1 proto.1945 to D-EKOM 7/56:not reg 1984
125Taylorcraft Plus DG-AFWOto X75348/;Crashed 29/5/63
126Taylorcraft Plus DG-AFZHto W5740 8/40;rest as G-AHEI 3/46;to F-OAQP 3/54
127Taylorcraft Plus DG-AFZIto W5741.8/40;rest 1/46;Crashed Bembridge 21/10/63
128Taylorcraft Plus DG-AFZJto Army as "128" 1939-40;scrapped at Rearsby 7/41(to spares)

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