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960Auster Mk IVMT331Struck of Charge 29/11/45654
961Auster Mk IVMT329sold 31/3/48652/2 TAF CS/BAFO CW
962Auster Mk IVMT314Damaged Beyond Repair on landing at Mayaukye 12/4/45656
963Auster Mk IVMT338Damaged Beyond Repair landing at Westerem 18/5/4585 Gp CS
964Auster Mk IVMT313destroyed in building collapse Meiktila 5/5/45656
965Auster Mk IVMT312Struck of Charge 8/2/45656
966Auster Mk IVMT328Damaged Beyond Repair on landing 11/4/45655/DAF CF
967Auster Mk IVMT337sold 10/3/4785 Gp CS
968Auster Mk IVMT351sold 31/7/47357/658
969Auster Mk IVMT333hit parked Horsa RN591 & Damaged Beyond Repair at Netheravon 15/7/4485 Gp CS
970Auster Mk IVMT332Struck of Charge 28/3/46654
971Auster Mk IVMT330Struck of Charge 19/7/45Italy
972Auster Mk IVMT341Struck of Charge 19/7/45:to I-TONE :not registered 1985654 SOC 19.7.45
973Auster Mk IVMT339sold 11/10/46AEAF CS/660
974Auster Mk IVMT334to 84 Grp Com Sqdn: no further trace85 Gp CS/317/84 Gp CS
975Auster Mk IVMT335sold 10/3/4785 Gp CS
976Auster Mk IVMT340sold 31/3/48:to G-AMJV; to F-DABR: Withdrawn from Unit 1/59SHAEF CS/BAFO CW Sold 31.3.48
977Auster Mk IVMT343sold 28/2/47:to G-AJYI;F-BFXF: not on register 1985658/83 Gp CS/84 Gp CS Sold 28.2.47
978Auster Mk IVMT345to 6012M 20/7/46652/43 OTU
979Auster Mk IVMT342Struck of Charge 28/3/46656

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