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920Auster Mk IVMT256Struck of Charge 5/11/47659/662
921Auster Mk IVMT251Struck of Charge 29/11/45655
922Auster Mk IVMT277sold 3/3/54:to G-ANHV;SE-CAP: not reg 1985611/661/652/661 Sold 3.3.54
923Auster Mk IVMT302crashed & Damaged Beyond Repair at Pola 9/9/46654
924Auster Mk IVMT281shot down near Uden 23/9/44658
925Auster Mk IVMT271Struck of Charge 1/6/46659
926Auster Mk IVMT272crashed at Pontchardon 24/8/44658
927Auster Mk IVMT276sold 21/2/47659
928Auster Mk IVMT278crashed landing at Namur 14/1/45662
929Auster Mk IVMT273shot down by FW190 near Venlo 3/2/45659
930Auster Mk IVMT274Damaged Beyond Repair after hitting trees Not Repairable.Bretteville 26/6/44659
931Auster Mk IVMT280sold 17/2/47660/661
932Auster Mk IVMT279Struck of Charge 5/11/47PRDU
933Auster Mk IVMT285Struck of Charge 16/8/45FE
934Auster Mk IVMT292crashed near Legnano 19/7/45655
935Auster Mk IVMT286shot down by flak 18/4/45654
936Auster Mk IVMT288Struck of Charge 31/5/46656
937Auster Mk IVMT287Damaged Beyond Repair on take-off at Prada 8/2/45654
938Auster Mk IVMT284Struck of Charge 5/11/472 TAF CS/16/664/84 Gp CS
939Auster Mk IVMT282Struck of Charge 29/11/45Italy

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