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860Auster Mk IVMT138sold 10/3/47658
861Auster Mk IVMT101sold 10/10/46652/83 Gp CS/2 Gp CS
862Auster Mk IVMT109sold 10/3/47: to F-BFUF652
863Auster Mk IVMT141sold 22/3/48:to F-BAVT658/653/658/83 Gp CS/658/43 OTU Sold 22.3.48
864Auster Mk IVMT122sold 25/8/47661
865Auster Mk IVMT143sold 1/4/48:to G-ALVV; to EC-AKU:current 1985658 Sold 1.4.48
866Auster Mk IVMT129sold 10/3/47661
867Auster Mk IVMT103crashed in Holland 22/2/45652
868Auster Mk IVMT120crashed at Fontenay le Marmion 16/8/44660
869Auster Mk IVMT159Struck of Charge 13/12/44656
870Auster Mk IVMT142Struck of Charge 14/10/44658/659/658/84 Gp CS/658
871Auster Mk IVMT102Struck of Charge 5/11/47652
872Auster Mk IVMT139sold 22/3/48658
873Auster Mk IVMT112Damaged Beyond Repair in Holland 20/1/45[To VH-SNI?]653
874Auster Mk IVMT131Struck of Charge 21/6/46658/653/659/653
875Auster Mk IVMT104sold 22/3/48:to G-AJXX; to F-DAAK; to CN-TUL: Withdrawn from Unit 5/62652 Sold 22.3.48
876Auster Mk IVMT296sold to MoS 31/7/47Italy
877Auster Mk IVMT123Struck of Charge 5/11/47661
878Auster Mk IVMT105shot down over France 13/6/44652
879Auster Mk IVMT113sold 22/3/48660/653/2 Gp CS

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