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740Auster Mk IVMT223Struck of Charge 31/12/46Italy
741Auster Mk IVMT224Struck of Charge 29/11/45ItalyCF
742Auster Mk IVMT175sold 10/3/47:to G-AJLG; to SE-BZA: w/o Ystad 27/5/55659/664/131 Wg Sold 10.3.47
743Auster Mk IVMT161Damaged Beyond Repair at Graveley Wood Hants 12/10/45ECFS/43 OTU
744Auster Mk IVMT171crashed in Normandy 11/8/44659
745Auster Mk IVMT168sold 3/3/47653/664/661
746Auster Mk IVMT140shot down at Nijmegen 22/9/44658/659/658
747Auster Mk IVMT160sold 17/2/47652/661
748Auster Mk IVMT220Struck of Charge -/5/45663
749Auster Mk IVMT189sold 10/3/47659
750Auster Mk IVMT213damaged by Fire 4/9/44662
751Auster Mk IVMT254Struck of Charge 19/7/45Med
752Auster Mk IVMT199Struck of Charge 5/11/47662/43OTU
753Auster Mk IVMT215Struck of Charge 28/2/46663
754Auster Mk IVMT196Crashed in Italy 19/1/45657
755Auster Mk IVMT217sold 10/3/47662
756Auster Mk IVMT193sold 22/3/48:to G-AMLU; damaged by Fire at Wyberton 6/4/52662 Sold 22.3.48
757Auster Mk IVMT191sold 11/10/46to G-AHGV; crashed at Leicester 14/5/49659 Sold 11.10.46
758Auster Mk IVMT233Damaged Beyond Repair landing at Borgo San Lorenzo 4/10/44655
759Auster Mk IVMT192sold 3/3/54;to G-ANHR662 Sold 3.3.54

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