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XR241Mk 9to AAC: sold: to G-AXRR [ B5/10/178] preserved at Duxford
XR242Mk 9to AAC
XR243Mk 9to AAC: to 8057M
XR244Mk 9to AAC preserved at Middle Wallop
XR245Mk 9to AAC
XR246Mk 9to AAC: to 7862M:sold:to G-AZBU/"782" [B5/10/183]:with Auster 9 Group at Melton Mowbray
XR267Mk 9to AAC:sold: to G-BJXR [B5/10/184]
XR268Mk 9to AAC
XR269Mk 9to AAC: sold:to G-BDXY [B5/10/187] Crashed & damaged by Fire 1/9/91
XR270Mk 9to AAC
XR271Mk 9to AAC [Aus/B5/188]
XS238Mk 9to AAC
XX513Bulldog T1GCCMISleap Shropshire Jun 2007
XX515Bulldog T1GCBBCBlackbushe Hampshire Jun 2008
XX516Bulldog T1N516BGTitusville Airport Florida USA Sep 2008
XX518Bulldog T1GUDOGNorth Weald Essex Oct 2008
XX519Bulldog T1N518BDOrange California USA
XX520Bulldog T19288M172 Sqn ATC Haywards Heath West Sussex Jan 2008
XX521Bulldog T1GCBEHEnstone Oxfordshire May 2009
XX522Bulldog T1GDAWGBarton Greater Manchester Apr 2009

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