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XP239Mk 9to AAC
XP240Mk 9to AAC
XP241Mk 9to AAC
XP242Mk 9to AAC: sold: to G-BUCI [ Aus/B5/150] preserved at Middle Wallop
XP243Mk 9to AAC
XP244Mk 9to AAC: to 7864M
XP245Mk 9to AAC
XP246Mk 9to AAC
XP247Mk 9to AAC
XP248Mk 9to AAC: to 7822M
XP249Mk 9to AAC
XP250Mk 9to AAC: to 7823M
XP251Mk 9to AAC
XP252Mk 9to AAC
XP253Mk 9to AAC
XP254Mk 9to AAC: ret to Makers: converted to prototype AOP 11
XP277Mk 9to AAC
XP278Mk 9to RAF: w/o landing at Benson 23/8/66
XP279Mk 9to AAC: sold: to G-BWKK [Aus/B5/165] flies as XP279
XP280Mk 9to AAC [Aus/B5/166]on display in Leicester

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