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XN409Mk 9to AAC
XN410Mk 9to AAC
XN411Mk 9to AAC
XN412Mk 9to AAC stored at Melton Mowbray in 1999
XN435Mk 9to AAC: sold: to G-BGBU [B5/10/131] cancelled by CAA 1/10/90;on rebuild
XN436Mk 9to AAC
XN437Mk 9to AAC; sold: to G-AXWA [B5/10/135]: preserved by Aces High at North Weald
XN438Mk 9to AAC: Crashed in Uganda 2/12/60
XN439Mk 9to AAC
XN440Mk 9to AAC
XN441Mk 9to AAC: sold: to G-BGKT [B5/10/137] current with Auster 9 Group at Melton Mowbray
XN442Mk 9to AAC
XN443Mk 9to AAC: to 7977M
XP232Mk 9to AAC
XP233Mk 9to AAC
XP234Mk 9to AAC
XP235Mk 9to AAC
XP236Mk 9to AAC
XP237Mk 9to AAC
XP238Mk 9to AAC

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