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WZ677Mk 9Tropical trials aircraft: to AAC 30/12/58Auster & AAEE
WZ678Mk 9Crashed in Malaya 29/8/56656
WZ679Mk 9to 7822M656
WZ694Mk 9Crashed in Malaya 7/6/56656
WZ695Mk 9Crashed in Malaya 23/12/55656
WZ696Mk 9to AAC 30/9/57656
WZ697Mk 9w/o in Malaya 11/2/57656
WZ698Mk 9Struck of Charge 13/2/63LAS/Christmas Is.
WZ699Mk 9Crashed in W.Germany 18/6/56656
WZ700Mk 9Crashed in Malaya 13/12/56656
WZ701Mk 9Crashed in Malaya 25/5/56656
WZ702Mk 9to MoS 1/6/55RAE
WZ703Mk 9to AAC 1/9/57656
WZ704Mk 9to AAC 1/9/57656
WZ705Mk 9Crashed in Malaya 9/8/56656
WZ706Mk 9G-BURRto 7851M656
WZ707Mk 9to AAC 1/9/57656
WZ708Mk 9Crashed in Malaya 12/4/60656
WZ709Mk 9to AAC 1/9/57656
WZ710Mk 9Crashed in Malaya 9/8/56656

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