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WJ367Crashed in Malaya 22/3/56656
WJ368converted to T.10 to c/n 3742652/664/Cv T.10 To AAC 27.11.59
WJ369Struck of Charge 18/7/591900 Flt
WJ370was to become G-APRO; not converted.1903 Flt/657/651 To AAC 1.9.57
WJ371to AACMet.Sector/661/652
WJ372to AACFECS/656/652
WJ373to AAC to c/n 3734656/652 To AAC 1.9.57
WJ374Crashed in Malaya 31/5/54656
WJ375Crashed in Tripoli 27/3/57651/1908 Flt
WJ376Crashed in Malaya 28/4/55267/656
WJ377to AAC1912 Flt/652
WJ378Crashed in Malaya 2/7/54656
WJ398Crashed in Malaya 11/5/55656
WJ399Crashed in Malaya 2/12/55656/1907 Flt
WJ400to AAC1908 Flt/1910 Flt
WJ401converted to T.10 to c/n 3746656/AAC/SF Odiham Sold 10.11.66 to Beagle
WJ402Crashed in Cyprus 4/12/561908 Flt/191 G Flt
WJ403to AAC1903 Flt/657/651
WJ404converted to T.10656/662/Cv T.10 To AAC 20.1.60
WJ405Crashed in Malaya 16/5/55656/1914 Flt

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