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B121-119Pup Series 1G-AXPCG-35-119 /PH-VRS
B121-120PupD-EBYZG-35-120 /D-EBBZ/PH-VRV cr 29/10/70
B121-121Pup Series 1G-AXPDdestroyed 14/7/88
B121-122Pup Series 1G-AXPM
B121-123Pup Series 2G-AXPNG-35-123
B121-124PupG-AXPOG-35-124 /VH-EPG/PT-JVV/PT-JZV
B121-125Pup Series 2G-AXPPVH-EPH/PT-JVW/PT-JZW
B121-126PupVH-EPIG-35-126 w/o 4/5/71
B121-127Pup Series 2VH-EPJG-35-127 (1)/PT-JVY/PT-JZY
B121-129PupXB-WAKG-35-129 N670MA/
B121-130Pup Series 2G-AZEUG-35-130 VH-EPL(1)/
B121-131Pup Series 2G-AZEVG-35-131 VH-EPM(1)/
B121-132Pup Series 2G-AZEWG-35-132 VH-EPN(1)/
B121-133PupG-AXSAG-35-133 /HB-NAG
B121-134Pup Series 2G-AZEXG-35-134 VH-EPO/ /HB-NAX
B121-135Pup Series 2G-AXSBG-35-135 /D-EKAK
B121-136Pup Series 2G-AZEYG-35-136 VH-EPP/ /HB-NAK
B121-137Pup Series 2G-AZEZG-35-137 VH-EPQ/ /HB-NAN
B121-138Pup Series 1G-AXSCG-35-138

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