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2983B/4G-25-2G-AMKL/XA177/G-AMKL dismantled in 1956
29845F-OAJOcrashed at Tini El Aouno 12/1/56
2985J/5GG-AMOYCrashed 12/10/54 in Khartoum
2986J/5GG-AMOZSN-ABI/(ST-ABI) Crashed 18/10/56
2987J/5GG-AMPASN-ABE/ST-ABE w/o 6/12/81
2990Mk 9IN755
2991Mk 9IN756
2992Mk 9IN757
2993Mk 9IN758
2994Mk 9IN759
2995Mk 9IN760
2996Mk 9IN761
2997Mk 9IN762
2998Mk 9IN763
2999Mk 9IN764
3001not traced
3002not traced

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