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2832Mk 6VT993Belg.AF A-17/OO-FDJ preserved
2833Mk 6VT994Belg.AF A-?
2834Mk 6VT995Belg.AF A-15/OO-FDH w/o 23/5/70;Gate guard;
2835Mk 6VT996Belg.AF A-16/OO-FDI Withdrawn from Unit 1970
2836Mk 6VT997Belg.AF A-22/OO-FDL Withdrawn from Unit
2837J/6not completed
2838PZ-2G-AJXW rebuilt as c/n 2907
2839Mk 6VF638Crashed 11/6/491901 Flt/657
2840Mk 6VF639Crashed 10/12/51CFS/1903 Flt
2841Mk 6VF640Crashed 20/5/54CFE/SF Leuchars/Caledonian Sector/CF Turnhouse
2842Mk 6VF641scrapped 6/5/60661
2843Mk 6VF642sold 10/10/61652/1904 Flt/1905 Flt/662
2844Mk 6VF643sold to Hong Kong Aux AFHKVAF
2845Mk 6VF644sold to Hong Kong Aux AFHKVAF
2846Mk 6VF645Crashed Malaya 29/6/54656
2847Mk 6VF646Crashed Malaya 30/5/51656
2848Mk 6VF647Crashed 30/4/51656
2849Mk 6VF648Crashed Malaya 15/1/51656
2850Mk 6VF660Struck of Charge 8/4/54656
2851Mk 6RCAF 16673

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