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2560Mk 6VF618converted to A61 c/n B624Mkrs/656/652/654 Sold 17.5.62
2561Mk 6VF619Damaged Beyond Repair 5/12/52656
2562Mk 6VF620converted to A61 c/n B643AFEE/664/661 SS 6.5.60
2563Mk 6VF621Crashed in Germany 5/7/60227 OCU/LAS/652/654
2564Mk 6VF622Crashed Korea 3/3/53657/1913 Flt
2565Mk 6VF623Struck of Charge 18/3/55656
2566Mk 6VF624converted to A61 c/n B644664 SS 28.4.60
2567Mk 6VF625Crashed 22/8/51656
2568Mk 6VF626Struck of Charge 30/9/55656
2569Mk 6VF627Struck of Charge 12/5/61Mkrs/ETPS/ML Avn/652/653/10 IRF
2570Mk 6VF628converted to A61 c/n B641662/657/1912 Flt/651 To AAC 1.9.57
2571Mk 6VF629converted to A61 c/n B620666 Sold 29.9.61
2572Mk 6VF630Crashed Malaya 10/5/511902 Flt
2573Mk 6*AVF631to G-ARLM/G-ASDK : see c/n B631 & B702656/652/654 Sold 28.4.61
2574Mk 6VF632Struck of Charge 29/12/58666/1915 Flt/15 ILF/653
2575Mk 6VF633converted to A61 c/n B618664 Sold 10.10.61
2576Mk 616652 RCAFto CF-KBV/"VF582"
2577Mk 616653 RCAFto CF-NQC
2578Mk 616654 RCAFto CF-FJM
2579Mk 616655 RCAFto CF-KGZ/CF-KBW

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