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2269Mk 6VF500Damaged Beyond Repair in Malaya 26/2/51656
2270Mk 6VF501Damaged Beyond Repair in Malaya 31/8/54656
2271Mk 6VF502Struck of Charge 10/2/491909 Flt/1908 Flt/SF Amman
2272Mk 6VF503Crashed in Eritrea 10/9/50651/1909 Flt/651/1910 Flt
2273Mk 6VF504Struck of Charge 12/4/481914 Flt
2274Mk 6VF505converted to A61 c/n B6221909 Flt/652
2275Mk 6VF506Damaged Beyond Repair in Malaya 28/9/531914 Flt/FECS/656
2276Mk 6VF507Crashed 30/12/48651
2277Mk 6VF508Struck of Charge 19/1/501909 Flt/1910 Flt/ LCTF/SF Abu Sueir/ SF Fayid
2278Mk 6VF509Crashed in Egypt 26/2/54651/1909 Flt/651
2279Mk 6VF510Crashed 29/4/481910 Flt
2280Mk 6VF511to AAC 1/9/57662/651/1913 Flt/1915 Flt/1906 Flt/8 In Rec Flt
2281Mk 6*6AVF512G-ARRX Withdrawn from Unit 1975661/663 Sold 4.5.60
2282Mk 6VF513to AAC 1/9/57663/1903 Flt/656/652/654
2283Mk 6VF514Struck of Charge 2/5/61;see c/n 3743FCCS/652/657/651/LAS Sold 2.5.61
2284Mk 6VF515to AAC 1/9/57664/12 ILF
2285Mk 6VF516converted to A61 c/n B6291913 Flt/Cv T.10
2286Mk 6VF517Crashed Felixstowe 7/8/47MAEE
2287Mk 6VF518Struck of Charge 10/8/48Mkrs/AAEE
2288Mk 6VF519converted to A61 c/n B634:reg G-ASYN:damaged 2/1/76:remains stored at Bruntingthorpe661 SS 25.5.60

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