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2060Mk 5TW517F-BGXG/G-BDFX:Crashed 10/10/93:on rebuild at KembleV-A/661 Sold 6.5.53
2061Mk 5TW518F-DAAN/CN-TUDSF Marham/SF Buckeburg Sold 9.1.51
2062Mk 5spare airframe
2063Mk 5TW516F-OAXOWestlands/CFS/SF Brize Norton/CFS Sold 10.4.53
20645/5DTW519G-ANHXAAEE/661 Sold 24.11.53
2065Mk 5TW520sold 3/3/471/247
2066J/4G-AIGZVH-AAL:destroyed in collision with VH-APF at Bankstown 12/8/55
2067J/4G-AIJKWithdrawn from Unit 8/68:stored in Leicester
2068J/4G-AIJLVH-AAG/VH-FRD :Crashed 17/1/58 at Lansvale NSW
2069J/4G-AIJMEI-BEU/G-AIJM 11/80
2072J/4G-AIJPVH-AET: shot down Sydney 30/8/55 after pilotless take-off
2073J/4G-AIJRto EI-CPN 7/97
2074J/4G-AIJSb/u for spares
2075J/4G-AIJTsold to France 8/57:Not Taken Up :rest 10/6/60
2076J/4G-AIPGVP-KNB/VP-UBF/5Y-UBF cancelled;
2077J/4G-AIPHG-37-5/G-AIPH w/o 4/72
2078J/4G-AIPIF-OAMV Withdrawn from Unit 6/64

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