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1922Mk 6TW537sold 11/10/61;converted to 6a c\n 3738 SE-ELP:OH-AUL: current 1985663/652/663 Sold 11.10.61
1923Mk 6TW534Crashed at Detmold 3/8/55661/652
1924Mk 6TW571sold 10/10/62;converted to 6a c\n 3735 SE-ELF: current 1985
1925Mk 6TW536to AAC 1/9/57;to 7704M G-BNGEEastern Sector/657/1912 Flt/652 To AAC 1.9.57
1926Mk 6TW535Struck of Charge 5/5/59657/Met Sector/1311 Flt/267
1927Mk 6TW566crashed in N.Wales 8/9/48657
1928Mk 6TW562sold 2/2/49;to G-ALGW; not converted;b/u at Croydon in 195343 OTU Sold 2.2.49
1929Mk 6TW565crashed in Suffolk 25/7/47657
1930Mk 6TW570crashed in Hampshire 21/10/4643 OTU
1931Mk 6TW561crashed in Sussex 6/9/53657/1900 Flt/657
1932Mk 6TW567crashed near El Adem 18/3/52657/1900 Flt
1933Mk 6TW564crashed at Oyenhausen W.Germany 13/3/52657/652
1934Mk 6TW538sold 11/10/61;converted to 6a c\n 3732 SE-ELB: current 1985663/AOPS/LAS/666 Sold 11.10.61
1935Mk 6TW573Crashed in Wilts 15/3/48;remains sold 14/2/49
1936Mk 6TW568to AAC 1/10/57;sold;converted to A61 c\n B646 (G-ARLM):G-AYDW Withdrawn from Unit 1/7/8543 OTU/227 OCU/AOPS/LAS To AAC 1.10.57
1939Mk 6TW579sold 11/10/61FCCS/Horsham St.Faith/Mkts

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