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1720Mk VTJ701sold 31/7/47;to VT-COF;reg detailsFE Sold 31.7.47
1721Mk VTJ702sold 31/7/47FE
1722Mk VTJ703Struck of Charge 27/11/47FE
1723Mk VTJ704to RN 11/11/46;sold;to VT-CSI;reg cancelled.FE
1724Mk VTJ706sold 31/7/47FE
1725Mk VTW362sold 31/7/47: toVT-CSIFE
1726Mk VTW363Damaged Beyond Repair at Changi 10/5/48FECS
1727Mk VTJ681sold 31/7/47;to VT-DCU; current 1979FE Sold 31.7.47
1728Mk VTW364Struck of Charge 27/11/47FE
1729Mk VTW365sold 13/9/50656
1730Mk VTW366sold 13/9/50FECS/656
1731Mk VTJ640Struck of Charge 24/10/48656
1732Mk VTW367Struck of Charge 30/6/49656
1733Mk VTW368sold 31/7/47;to AP-ADD;w/o 10/8/49FE Sold 31.7.47
1734Mk VTW369Struck of Charge 26/6/47FE
1735Mk VTW370to Burmese AF 1/1/48FE
1736Mk VTW371sold 24/9/51;to VH-AZV1315 Flt/656 Sold 24.9.51
1737Mk VTW372to Burmese AF 1/1/48FE To RAAF 23.12.48
1738Mk VTW373to RAAF 23/12/481315 Flt To Burmese AF 1.1.48
1739Mk VTW374sold 3/3/54;to G-ANII:F-OARN:w/o in Madagascar 28/9/59663 Sold 3.3.54

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