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1540Mk VTJ487sold as scrappedap 10/3/48Med
1541Mk VTJ540Struck of Charge 5/11/4783 Gp CS
1542Mk VTJ515sold 5/3/54:to G-ANIM:LN-BDK:Crashed 20/7/59 at TrondheimCFE Sold 3.3.54
1543Mk VTJ481Struck of Charge 27/6/46657/332/485/660/84 Gp CS
1544Mk VTJ543sold 11/7/46:to G-AIPO:F-DAAI:F-BEAX:Crashed at Arpajon 6/3/55662 Sold 11.7.46
1545Mk VTJ504Struck of Charge 27/10/49Med
1546Mk VTJ507sold 10/3/47-
1547Mk VTJ589sold 10/3/47:to F-OAHE: not registered 19792 TAF CS/BAFO CW Sold 10.3.47
1548Mk VTJ505sold 29/1/48Med
1549Mk VTJ510Damaged Beyond Repair at Lyndhurst 21/5/46;to 5963M Not Taken Up43 OTU
1550Mk VTJ541sold 10/3/47;to G-AJLE:SE-BZC:LN-IKB;Crashed 7/4/77653/84 Gp CS/2 Gp CS Sold 10.3.47
1551Mk VTJ509sold 17/4/53;to F-BGXO:3A-MAC: current 1985657/HCCS Sold 17.4.53
1552Mk VTJ511sold 24/4/53;to SE-BZR: not registered 1979227 OCU Sold 24.4.53
1553Mk VTJ508Crashed near Middle Wallop 27/1/511 FP/657/AOPS
1554Mk VTJ579Struck of Charge & sold 27/11/47;to VT-AVQ:w/o 11/10/47FE
1555Mk VTJ588Struck of Charge 8/11/472 TAF CS/BAFO CW
1556Mk VTJ531sold 27/2/47;to G-AJFI:OH-AUA: current 1985657 Sold 27.2.47
1557Mk VTJ545sold 14/2/49;to G-ALJB;crashed in Co.Durham 13/5/51652 Sold 14.2.49
1558Mk VTJ518Damaged Beyond Repair 8/5/46657/664/BAFO CW
1559Mk VTJ516Crashed in Wiltshire 4/1/4643 OTU

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